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Medical Risk Management

Founded in 2003, MRM has a proven track record of reducing malpractice claims, premiums, and improving patient safety through a comprehensive risk management education program and consulting services.

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Medical Risk Education

Reduce Claims

Beginning in 2006 MRM and Connecticut Surgical Group have worked together in reducing malpractice claims by 89%.

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Medical Risk Education

Premium Reductions

Since 2003 MRM and ProHealth Physicians have worked together to reduce their malpractice premiums by over 50%.

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Medical Risk Education

Improve Patient Safety

95% of all participants surveyed have stated they will change their practice after experiencing MRMs educational program.

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Medical Risk Education
Medical Risk Education
Products & Services

MRM provides comprehensive risk management education and practical risk management solutions, including:

These services utilize a team of healthcare risk managers and legal professionals.

Our 3 Value Pillars

Since 2003 MRM has tirelessly produced a comprehensive Risk Management Education Program to:

MRM and their clients are striving to make these changes happen.